I have ongoing interest in developing research projects and teaching curricula in the following areas:

Climate change mitigation and adaptation — including debates about the design, sequencing, and reform of policy responses, as well as ex post econometric evaluations of the effectiveness of different policies at reducing GHG emissions.

Comparative political economy — especially the relative impact of individual politicians, political parties, corporate and financial sector lobbies, labour unions, NGOs, and ordinary citizens on government responses to crises of collective action.

Theories of change – especially those concerned with empirically evaluating alternative political strategies and tactics (rather than just describing them).

Democratic institutional design — especially debates about the merits and demerits of different models of jurisprudence, policymaking, deliberation, and contestation.

The history of energy technology transitions from ‘bioenergy’ to coal to oil and gas, and what it teaches us about the challenges of 21st century transitions.